Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Can You Manage Mobile Phones?

If you've handed out many Android mobile phones to your employees, how do you make sure they aren't being abused? How do you manage each device, install or remove apps without spending an age doing so?

3CX Mobile Device Manager allows you to easily manage your Android devices by being able to carry out mobile device operations (such as being able to deploy apps) to individual or groups of devices simultaneously. Using an online mobile device manager is the easiest way to keep track all of your apps and you can manage your phones from anywhere in the world via an online dashboard.

You can easily manage mobile security, alerts, and message your employees via the online dashboard. Android tracking allows you to view the routes employees have taken and see their real time locations within Google Maps.

Using a mobile device management system takes the nightmare out of managing many mobile devices - for more information, visit