Monday, August 25, 2008

VoIP costs, demand on the rise

VoIP services are now almost twice as expensive per hour as other IT services, but despite the expense, VoIP continues to grow faster than other IT services, according to an OnForce report released today. The report credits large roll-outs of tech products like flat-screen TVs and wireless networks for the increase in demand for services.

The OnFocus report also expressed surprise that VoIP service costs are growing faster than other IT services, even though VoIP is already the most expensive. VoIP services were more than three times as expensive as the lowest-cost IT services, such as point-of-sale and printer and software, according to the report.

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Anita said...

VOIP costs may become expensive, but it will not be the reason for the businesses to stop using it. Businesses are willing to pay for as long the service is seamless and excellent.

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